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Twelve-year-old boys typically spend their free time on activities such as sports, video games, or hanging out with friends. At that age, I started working in a window tint shop and began to learn from great mentors about the craft and skills. How lucky I was, I learned from the best! They have been working in this field for over 20 years and been able to share all that information with me. Working for them for about 3 years, at 14, my passion for Cars gradually grew so I started learning about Detailing and practiced on friends and family’s cars. The first time in my life, I realized that this stuff was something I really wanted to do.

To increase my knowledge of craft, I went around other detailing shops and kept gaining more valuable lessons and experiences. And my turning point finally came, I started my first business at 16 years old. I made it a legit business and became a contractor for an automotive dealership where we detailed all of the cars going on the front lot. Now we continue to grow with Window Tinting and to go beyond customer satisfaction.

My passion for Cars and transforming the entire look of any vehicle has been growing stronger. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given and can’t wait to continue to learn and grow.